It Wants My Money

Frustration_1.jpgI hate wires. To me, wires are antithetical to the entire laptop idea. If I’m reading while listening to music (95%+ of my computer time) I can’t easily move the laptop without sacrificing the sound. So why do I even use a laptop if it’s stuck where it is?

There was a time when I had six wires intrusively radiating from my laptop, and that’s not including the two I eliminated with wireless internet and a wireless mouse. I’ve pruned the mess down to four thanks to a USB hub. By eliminating my printer and external hard drive I can make it by with just two and still do almost everything i want. If it’s for less than two or three hours than the power strip can be eliminated and we are down to just one: the speakers.

But it would be presumptuous to blame the speakers. It’s not their fault they ruin my day so consistently. It’s the wire’s fault! The wire is to blame! And that’s when inspiration hit and I googled like mad until I found these: bluetooth speakers. Did you know that such wonders existed in today’s world?

It seems that whenever I make up a product that seems feasible the internet instantly manifests it. This can’t be fair.

So now I can’t decide. Do I throw out a c-note for what is undoubtedly a questionable product based on a primarily aesthetic motivation?

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